Saint Christopher Journeys is offering educational travel courses to Uganda and Mexico in Summer 2015. You know the most exciting part besides traveling, seeing new cultures/places, and helping people? You can get academic course credit from Avila University by participating in these academic, cultural immersion courses!

Uganda course 2015

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Program Features:
“The program will take place in the capital of Kampala and in the southwest region of Uganda. These are economically and politically stable areas with low crime. Most ofthe turmoil of a few years ago has calmed, and it was far away in the north and northeast ofUganda. Participants will interact with several Catholic religious orders, especially the Brothers of Saint Charles Lwanga, an order founded in Uganda, working mostly with schools. Participants will help volunteer as teacher’s aids in classrooms in rural boarding schools serving working-class students. In addition, participants will explore the difficult history of Uganda’s civil wars of the 1960s and 1970s by visiting sites of Idi Amin Dada in Kampala. Participants will also visit the burial site of Uganda’s kings, explore the diversity of Uganda by visiting a Hindu temple and a mosque, and will witness the faith of Christian Ugandans by visiting the shrine to the Ugandan martyrs of the era of European exploration. The group will also do a one-day safari visit to a game park to see the amazing animals of Uganda in their natural habitat.”[Link]
Program Dates:
“Sunday 12 July to Saturday 25 July 2015(Note: Due to the time difference, most travelers from the United States will need to depart in theevening or afternoon on Friday 10 July in order to arrive in Uganda on the morning of Sunday 12July. On return, a departure on the morning of Saturday 25 July will result in an arrival in theUnited States the evening of Saturday 25 July.)”[Link]
Program Costs:
“$2,000 ($200 of this is donated to charities in Uganda).”[Link]
For in-depth information on this course visit St. Christopher’s Journeys Uganda 2015 page.

Mexico city course 2015

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Program Features:
“While some areas of Mexico have been plagued with crime, for many years Mexico City has enjoyed a crime rate lower than most U.S. major cities. Participants willinteract with several Catholic religious orders, especially the De LaSalle Christian Brothers. DeLaSalle University in Mexico City is the host organization for this journey. Participants will help volunteer as tutors in English classes in the adjacent De LaSalle secondary school.Participants will also receive some short Spanish classes (“survival Spanish” for beginners or an
advanced conversation practice Spanish for the advanced) and lean about Mexican history andculture through special lectures and museum visits, including Mass at the Shrine to Our Lady ofGuadalupe. In addition to volunteering in the secondary school, participants will visit an orphanage, a refuge for undocumented immigrant children, and a children’s hospital.”[Link]
Program Dates:
“Sunday 2 August to Sunday 16 August 2015”[Link]
Program Costs:
“$1,750 ($175 of this is donated to charities in Mexico City)”[Link]
For more information on the course visit St. Christopher’s Journeys Mexico 2015 page.
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