Registration starts – Monday, October 31 at 8.30 a.m. in ORI 219

The deposit for the course is $100 and upon enrollment – if you are one of the first 16 students to register – is nonrefundable. Please bring your checks addressed to Avila University to reserve a spot for the course. Please remember that registration is first come first served.The total lab fee of $2500 and is due the same day as your tuition payment(s) (early January) and at that point it is nonrefundable. Funding opportunity available for qualified students. For any questions, feel free to contact or

For pictures of past trips to india, see our blog as well as a photo album from our Spring 2015 course.

Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape

Drawing from the perspectives of Catholic Social Teaching and Social Work practice, this course explores the concepts of human rights and social justice, examines the intercultural skills needed to address related issues, learns and works with individuals and communities in India, participates in community-based learning opportunities developing, practicing, and assessing what intercultural skills are necessary to work towards greater human rights and ending social injustice(s) on a local-global scale. CORE: Social Justice & Civic Life- Contribute level; Interdisciplinary Studies, Civic Engagement, and Global Studies designations.