Academic Expectations & Course Requirements

As your instructors, we are invested in seeing that every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential; therefore, effort has been taken to design a grading system that is fair and provides every student the opportunity to do well in this course. To accomplish this there are a variety of assignments and activities you will be required to take part in throughout the semester. Below are brief descriptions of these requirements, their point values, and their weights in terms of your overall semester grade. Further details on each of these requirements will be provided during future classes.

  1. Historical Figures in Psychology Assignment (20 points)

To gain an historical perspective on the field of psychology, you are to research an historical figure in the field who is associated with either Paris, France or Lausanne, Switzerland. You are to present a brief biography on the person in class (approximately 5 minutes). Learning Outcomes: 7

  1. Exploring Paris Assignment (20 points)

To familiarize you with some of the historical and cultural sites and activities in Paris, and to assist you in planning your free time in the city, you are to identify a site or activity that may be of interest to you and those in the class and research it. Specifically you will make a brief presentation on your selection, providing the name of the site, rationale for its selection, location, hours of operations, and costs. Learning Outcomes:8

  1. Research Article Summary (50 points)

To familiarize you with the work of the researchers you will visit in Lausanne and Paris, you are to read and summarize articles of Dr. Patrick Gomez and/or Dr. Jaqueline Nadel. You will submit a written summary of your article, using APA style, and make a brief class presentation. Detailed instructions on this assignment will be provided.

Learning Outcomes: 1,2,3

  1. Behavioral Observation Assignment (50 points)

In pairs or small groups you will design and execute two behavioral observations observing the same behavior in similar settings, but in different cultural contexts (i.e., one observation in the U.S., the other in either Switzerland or France.) Detailed instructions on this assignment will be provided.

Learning Outcomes: 4, 5, 11 (for PY 633)

  1. Course Reflection Assignment (50 points)

The purpose of this assignment is to have you reflect on what you’ve learned and experienced through this course, both in terms of your academic knowledge and skills and in areas of personal development. Included in your reflection, you are to describe how applying research in psychological science can impact the well-being of others, particularly those who are unable to advocate for themselves, and how cultural factors can influence behaviors. Detailed instructions on this assignment will be provided. Learning Outcomes: 4

  1. Class Attendance and Participation (50 points)

Academic success is directly associated with student active engagement in the learning process. Active engagement includes involvement during class through note taking, participating in class discussions and exercises, and critically thinking about new information. It also involves engagement with course-related information by reading assigned material before class, reviewing class notes after class, and making connections to other areas of study and life experiences. You are expected to attend all classes, complete readings and written assignments prior to the class sessions they are due, and actively participate in class discussions. Because of the weekend intensive format, attendance is mandatory; absences from class may result in the inability to complete this course.

  1. Online/In-class Assignments (TBD points)

Additional assignments may be required; TBD

Learning Outcomes: TBD

  1. Professional Conduct (20 points)

You are expected to maintain a high level of professional conduct throughout this course, which includes: completing all assignments on time; behaving in a professional, courteous manner to everyone in class and others while on site visits; and adhering to all travel-related rules and procedures set by your instructors.

You will receive 20 points for maintaining professional behavior throughout the semester, which is defined as no more than two instances of being informed of misconduct. If there is a third instance, you will receive “0” points for this element. For each instance after the third, you final course grade will be dropped by a half a letter grade (e.g., if you were earning a “B” you will earn a “B-”).