Travel Considerations for Paris & Lausanne

Psychology’s PY 333/633 Applied Research Methods will travel to France and Switzerland October 9-18, 2015. We will be visiting the labs of psychology professors studying autism in Paris, France, and emotion regulation in Lausanne, Switzerland. For more information, contact Dr. Marcia Pasqualini or Dr. Leah Gensheimer.

Here are a few things to consider as you prepare for our exciting adventure:

  • Bring your passport, health insurance card, drivers ID, student ID card, credit/debit cards
    • If you have a secure way to electronically store the information, we’d suggest you scan a picture of both your passport and health insurance card. If not, simply pack photocopies with you somewhere in your luggage (not your carry-on).
  • Credit and/or debit cards
    • Call your credit card and debit card companies to alert them of your travels. Tell them every city we’ll be in (Chicago, Paris, Lausanne)
    • Be sure to know your PIN for each card
  • Global capable mobile device(s)
    • Both our hotels claim to have wifi access for guests all throughout the hotel – note that many students who travel to Europe simply rely upon this option to communicate with those back home (and one another)
    • Check with your carrier on what your international roaming or international plan options are – these are not always automatically activated or accessible
    • If you are planning on getting a prepaid SIM card for your phone, be prepared for two things:
      • You’ll need to make sure your phone is unlocked
      • It may not be activated for one to two days, though usually it is activated the same day
    • Electronics (check adapter for 220 voltage compliance)
      • Check the tiny printing on your devices (or power cords) that you will need power for and ensure the “input” says it will handle at least 220V (volts). For example, most laptop cords have a box in the middle of the cord that says “Input: 100-240V”
      • Unless you are using a high wattage device (e.g. hairdryer), you won’t need a converter, simply an adapter (note the difference on the package before purchasing). Power adapters are much lighter than converters.
      • For devices that cannot handle an input of 220V, you’ll also need a converter for the device (otherwise it will likely ruin the device and can smoke or set on fire)
    • Clothing for moderate to cool weather
      • Highs in mid-50’s in Lausanne/low-60’s in Paris
      • Lows in low-40’s in Lausanne/upper40’s in Paris
      • Bring something for light rain
  • Medications and script information (in case of need for refill or for proper treatment)
    • Optional: scan or photocopy script information and pack all medications together
  •  Luggage
    • One roller suitcase or bag under 50lbs and 62 inches (total of height x width x depth)
    • If you check-in additional bag(s) or exceed the 50lb/62in weight limit, you are responsible for paying the charges ($100 for 2nd check-in bag)
    • One backpack or shoulder bag (that easily fits in carry-on compartment)
  • Optional lock (for safe in Hotel du Port room – passport, valuables, etc.) – this isn’t absolutely necessary as you will have secure rooms
  • Alarm clock of some sort (a necessity so you are on-time)
  • Change of clothes and minimal toiletries in carry-on (in case of luggage delays)
    Arrive at the airport for check-in at the American Airlines check-in counter no later than 9:30 a.m. on Friday, October 9th. We will likely need to check-in as a group, so we’ll all need to be together there at that time. You are responsible for getting to the airport on your own and we highly encourage carpooling so as to minimize parking costs.


    We will hopefully be keeping our blog – – updated while we are abroad in case you want to share the address with family and friends so they can see what we are up to


    If you have any problems, you need to double check on something, or have questions/issues en route, feel free to text or call us at….


    Finally, check your email and Canvas right before you leave for the airport just in case we contact you with updates.

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